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About me

The universe has a way of nudging you towards your path and when
you don’t get the hint, a shove will soon follow. My shove came in the
form of a divorce and breast cancer. 

It does seem a little strange to talk about divorce and breast cancer 
when talking about skin but stick with me because my journey could
not have one without the other and I wouldn’t be here without
all of it.
While I was processing the dissolution of my marriage I began taking
better care of my body and my spirit. I returned to my yoga roots, leaned into being a vegan and I recognized my aptitude for skin care born from many years of trial, error and research. After years of depression I began to bloom and soon I glowed. 

Then I got the diagnosis. Hello universe. I guess the thing I thought was a shove was really just a nudge. This was the shove.
Breast cancer was hard and scary but breast cancer was also transformative. I learned about the strength of my body and spirit. I learned to love myself a little more and about the gift of caring for others and allowing others to care for me. I built on the lessons from my divorce about resilience and healing and added new lessons about gratitude and empathy.
In the thick of the cancer fight, I scheduled myself a facial. Here I was, sick as hell, bald and checked out of my body but I chose to get a facial. My first self care since chemo.  Little did I know that this would be the thing that brought me back into myself. That treatment reminded me that I was still me, beautiful and deserving of care. I glowed afterwards. It was deeply healing.
Many things happened between that time and now. I deepened my knowledge about skin. I went back to school at 48 years old. I began the study of energetic healing using different modalities like reiki and cranial sacral. So much learning and so much healing. I had many talented and wise teachers. I am so grateful for the shove that put me here. I would not change a thing.  
When I created All Aglow Skin I knew I wanted it to be a sanctuary to healing skin AND spirit. Balance in both creates a glow that begins from within. I hope you find your glow when you visit me and take that out into the world with you.
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